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Find the best pitcher to stream against your opponent by using the CBS fantasy baseball app A Pitcher's Stream

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Pitchers Stream allows you to target weak teams and see who you can pick up to pitch agaist them.

Find The Perfect Pitcher

Pitchers Stream helps allows you to find the perfect pitcher to stream. If its a 2 start pitcher or one that is going against a cold team. Pitchers Stream is here to help you with a clean design.

Find Key Stats

Stats are kept simple so that you can easily see how well the pitcher has been pitching. You can see current record, last 3 starts, and career vs team.

Full or Condensed Views

Two views are available. Full view with all the stats or the condensed view that shows who's pitching that week against a team you want to stream against for the next 7 days.

Target Weak Teams

Pitchers Stream allows you to select a team that is preforming badly and lets you see who will be facing them over the next 7 days, so you can pickup pitchers in free agency that you can stream against.

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